About this blog and a little about me …

I decide, finally, to write the English adaptation of my French blog. It took me a while to start this new journey, and I am not really sure if I will feel enough courage to pursue this new adventure.

I discovered the blog reality a few years ago, I lurked and read a lot before I submitted my first comment, then lately while answering a blogger on a topic I am very interested about, Education, I figured out what if instead of just commenting the article I could write my own opinions on the subject. I joined a platform that offered such service, not really knowing how this worked (I still feel I am on a learning curve to better understand the usefulness of all the available tools.

It’s been since July of 2013 I have published 55 articles, wrote 10 other papers, all in French, I really enjoyed the journey so far, and intend to continue this sharing with you my visitors, with people I know others who will just pass by, what matters is the sharing of our mutual richness.

If I decided to pass on my thoughts in English, it is simply because I felt it was just and fair to let my English native contacts, acquaintances and friends to know a bit more about me and what brings me into this realm.

Feel free to visit, to share or not to share a comment, and if you think I need to improve my writing, I will gladly receive your comments and suggestions.

Thank you for passing by…

Michel – December 16, 2013

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