Where is 2014 taking me ?


I did not make any resolution to blog or not to blog the first day of the New Year, however feeling slow and enough lazy to go out and do something, (It is a sunny-blue-sky day but freezing temperature: -17 C.) so I rather enjoy a ride in the virtual realm that would be fine, just fine.

So how am I living this very 1st day of the year? I guess I will share some of the little things that normally make your day a smile or a frown. Let’s concentrate on the smiling little things, ok?

I went to my Facebook page and saw a friend posting whether she would put a load of white or colours in her washing machine? Wow! January 1st! So I posted a reply and suggested she rather go back to sleep…

My cell phone (smart and intelligent as they promote it) decided to display every 10 minutes how cold it is outside. Note I never programmed such, but smart cell phone decided differently ha!

I was preparing a smoothie, so I got a few ingredients (should I say what I put? I guess I should) a kiwi, a banana, some mango, white grape, half a peach, Goby bays, some pistachio, pecan, almonds, and almond milk. After blending enough time to have a smooth puree, it tasted banana, just banana ah!

My cell phone is still showing me the weather condition in Montreal, remember it is a blue sky shiny day and cell phone says “-17 C – Light snow!” Go figure!

On another social network I visited an hour ago, I saw posts recommending this “10 tips to start 2014” others suggesting “The 10 main forecasts to become a successful entrepreneur in 2914”, among the many recipes there were less than 10 tips talking about other things, and so on… Hey people don’t you take a break with all these tips we would become so perfect to the point we would not need any more tips! Besides don’t you take a day off in a year?

Cell phone is doing it again… Maybe I should reboot it or give it the day off (off for me too) 😉

I guess 2014 looks a very amusing year to me, and I will make it look and be a funny excursion. First make peace with my cellphone, try to make tastier smoothies, maybe I will post a paper on tips for how not to make more tips…

Back to a more “serious” level, I guess 2014 will drive me to new avenues in learning more new things, (BTW I enrolled to more on-line MOOCs – a MOOC being a wide spread online [free] course), I would enjoy collecting more knowledge about global education, its trends, the potential solutions and see how I could offer some contribution for such amazing goal: the sharing of knowledge.

In the meantime I will post and publish this paper, and meet you soon about more thoughts and more sharing with you. In the meantime, enjoy your 1st day of 2014.

Michel – January 1, 2014

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