Is Education an Established Order or…?


From many readings and comments I have seen the last months, it is clear we are nowadays witnesses to core divergent opinions about the fundamentals of Education, if the actual status should remain or not, the use of new technologies to revamp principles that have been so far used…

Every time a tentative to bring something new to such fundamentals, there are people who use their names, their fame to alert opinion among the education specialists realms that such would jeopardize the actual and future continuum of education, leading to a certain form of chaos, even worse…

Changes have started whether we agree or not, so many influencers started many years ago to speak about the new shift, key words have been used such as “Unschooling”, “Flip classes” “Modern education” “Alternative” “Progressive”, lately the MOOC phenomenon has influenced opinions, behaviours leading to the adhesion of so many to this “MOOC Thing”

I personally was and still am seduced and drawn to the essence of MOOCs, though I do have some professional disagreement(s) about the way actual MOOCs are offered, I consider this initiative a powerful reaction to the established order of what education is now.

MOOCs in their actual fashion need an important rethink of the pedagogy whether it is meant for adult education, in fact to any level of learners.

I have attended 11 MOOCs so far and haven’t seen any initiative of creativity about the pedagogical approach in providing learning, noting all the subjects and topics of the attended MOOCs were amazingly interesting and of essence and interests. MOOCs seem to me, a rebirth of open learning, in a new format, using the traditional approach in education!

The interrogation is legitimate, the search for enhancement is important. Knowledge is a tangible richness that walks with our times. I often compare the Lascaux caves drawings as the first multimedia format to knowledge and teaching. Maybe words changed since, but the learning vehicle that was used testifies and proves the human’s creativity of these days… with the limited means they had at hand, they were able to transmit to young ones knowledge and a know-how that led to innovation and not the opposite. Creativity occurs when with limited means people come up with approaches that impress and drive the interest, motivation and engagement. Innovation becomes a nice to have when creativity needs to adapt to modern times.

Instead of fighting for opinions sometimes obtuse mindsets (the old school defenders and the new education theorists are right but also miss elements they cannot see or comprehend because their approach is in a “who wins, who loses” mindset! It would be a good point to start instead with a “No lose, no lose” attitude and combine the best of both worlds into a creative approach to rejuvenate education! Isn’t that something that would make specialists sit at the same table and share (not discuss) the best of their knowledge for the sake of a better education, that would contribute to a social good?

I would like to conclude this sharing with my readers with an idea inspired from John Dewey (1859 – 1952), while speaking about the goals of schools: schools meant for kids to listen or schools meant for children to actively work and learn? That seems – at least to me – the real question, but also the real answer…

Michel – January 20, 2014

Ps: The content of this paper, I share on this blog, reflects my personal opinion on the matter of education,  I do not pretend to have the right solution, yet I believe that my contribution is a responsibility to the common and good cause all of us professionals in the field of training, teaching, educating, and more…

My native language is not English (I guess you have noticed it) therefore I seek apologies to the many poor and most likely improper syntax, hoping this issue will not hide the true message I have tried to share with you

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