Dear influencers

Dear influencers I really do like your sharing, when I subscribe to your news letters, blogs or papers I am sincerely happy and eager to better know, learn and collect from your writings, experiences and guidance.


Photo credits: 7 Ways to find powerful influencers

A little note about the picture source, it is intentional, I’d say consider a wink, or a correlation between this blog and the source of the picture… 😉

I often look for your publications, your quote your words and read your comments , making me feel very happy and proud to be among your most dedicated followers and fans.

When it gets a bit unusual and that makes me feel somehow taken for granted to admit, accept your daily, weekly or monthly papers is when you have so little to say more than you already said and so much to learn from your followers comments.

Then the “Tips-Mania” thing…! What a turn-off when during days all what you consider giving us are those “secret tips to make us become better professional and better specialists”.. Emmmm have you ever imagined most of us, not to say the majority did collect some knowledge at school, college, universities and more…?

If I follow you it is because you are passionate about your work, your discoveries, it is also because you demonstrated that particular charisma drawing attention and engagement to listen and learn from you!

Could you just explain how come you give more credit to the tips rather than your own experimentation, your own good or bad stories, let us feel you are humans among us, humans too!

I must admit I have decided lately to be a better follower, rating my influencers according to how little “tips addict” you were and keep you, else I would unhappily remove myself from such places where the only thing that matters is the number of tips some people enjoy providing their audiences!

Until our next little conversation, be well and enjoy your discoveries

Michel – March 6, 2014

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