Food for thoughts

A few days ago, I shared this photo on one of the social networks, with little comments, because the picture and its accompanying text says it all…

Tonight I was listening to politicians debating in the preparation of the next Provincial elections in Quebec – Canada. None of these politicians spoke about education in terms of humanity, they bumped into calculation, figures, numbers, statistics, ratios…
Nobody seemed to remember they were kids one day, they went to school, and had teachers who told them what to learn, or worse taught them they had to learn even if they did not understand, nobody cared and they learned their lesson well…!


All what adults seem to care are what adults care about and that is also sadly true in education. Ratios, programs, lessons, number of minutes per course, number of books, of rules to memorize and formulas to imprint their minds with so they learn how to learn and rarely learn how to understand and why they would learn this instead of that!

I can’t blame our politicians to carry the seeds of tremendous disappointment and schooling system failure. Nobody cared to listen to them and learn how kids want to learn!

Until my next sharing, I wish you a pleasant evening

Michel – March20, 2014

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