How “No Tips” Can Make our Life Happier!


It looks nowadays that experts, influencers and specialists (of course not all of them) lack somehow imaginative and creative ideas to share. So what easier to keep up with their audiences and fall into the abundant trend of tipomania! (Not sure if the expression exists, but honest I wish it will some day  soon).


Image credits: Dekooder

Each time I log to my various social medias and networks, I am impressed to see the various number of tips to do things, tips to become other things, tips for better, tips for preventing me not to become better, tips for this or that…

I thought it would be some kind of seasonal thing, but moreover I thought specialists and professional influencers and other experts would not fall into this “thing”. I note I was wrong.

This morning I logged to a well-known network, and summed the number of tips: could you imagine, they were more than 55 various tips for as many things to be, become and avoid!

Why do we always need to suggest and tell others what to do? It would be nicer to share things from our lessons learned and experiences, I guess such messages would do better good to others and feel more real…

I could not find a single personal opinion based on true life experimentation, all were references to statistics, numbers, demographics, many references to other’s analysis… Come on people! where did your own personal insight gone, where are your life based findings?
I do not intend to criticize people or their opinion, just noting how it became easy to fill pages with things we can simply find using Google or Bing.

What if? Adopt a zero tip attitude trying to be better and contribute to a real social good?

Wishing you a pleasant sunny day …

Michel – April 6, 2014

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