1 – 9 – 90 !

No I am not sharing part of the next winning lottery combination nor a secret code to win many prizes such as a car…

These numbers are in fact statistics on how many people interact over a blog. The author (1) shares a ticket, most probably 9 people may like or share an opinion and 90 others will lurk and simply read.

 Very often, bloggers feel disappointed for lack of interest in their papers, and such thing is understandable. However we tend to forget that blogs are meant firstly for fun and also for sharing. No expectations, no stats, no crowded list of visitors. Keep ions of blogs every day that get published and posted, but there hundred of millions of people who connect to the web not having the simplest clue a blogger exists. This is the dimension of what we need to recognize before and during a blog journey.

On July 2013, I decided to try “blogging” I was not sure if this would make me feel happier or merrier, I confess I was worried and somehow anxious not willing to look simply boring or let’s say it idiot!


Image credit: The Realist Blogger

My first paper I don’t recall how many versions I wrote, deleted, wrote again and deleted again. Then I looked at its length, too short too long, the syntax syndrome followed quickly after resolving the length, I was feeling cornered, trapped. I was tempted to delete, once again, cancel my account and step back to writing a book writing a book would have kept me into my comfort zone during the writing, but challenges would soon rise when it would be time to ask a trusted someone to read it and tell me if it was good, bad, etc.

Asking an acquaintance of mine on social networks I shared how lost I was for all these considerations, she answered in the most meaningful way: “If you don’t publish it how people will know ?” adding “Forget what others will say, you need to have fun. feel fun to inspire the fun feeling to readers.”

I guess she made a point and showed me the obvious way… try and then see what happens.

Since I published almost 90 blogs in French, this is my 20th blog in English, and incidentally I am so glad that 90 people will read my words, maybe 9 will comment or like… For you guys this is my contribution, hoping it will encourage you to jump over the fence and try it…

Until the next time,

Michel – April 10, 2014


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