Social attitude in every day’s life

When you commute on a daily basis back and forth to work, you are among the many privileged people who witness human and social behaviour.

But how many of us make time to note what happens around us. I use the public transportation 5 days a week, bus and subway. Looking at people’s faces there’s no way they will note some of the most interesting scenes of human social behaviour.

Standing or sitting on the bus, people who think the bus is offering the ride just for them, yesterday I took the bus a bit late, therefore the people I usually cross were different, note that my ride takes about 10 to 15 minutes until I get to the subway. There were two persons, each hanging to their cell-phones, speaking up loud their intimate life. One was explaining how he would fix a business deal, all possible details, it would have been an opportunity to record his words and get his strategy, the other a young woman, explaining to her boyfriend why she would not meet him for the day… explaining in a loud voice that her parents would not accept her to meet a guy unless he would pay visit and respect to her parents. She seemed helpless as it was obvious she wanted to meet the guy, whose voice could be heard on the phone, she then explained to him all the scenario (details included) how they would plan a meeting, etc. SO for the 15 minutes ride I was given the opportunity to build a business case and note how creative when two people want to meet regardless of the parents’ restrictions.

The stories goes on, on the subway. I call it the fight for a preferred seat! Ha! COuld you believe it, some people refuse to sit on any available seat, simply because they want their usual seat!!!!! The lady was standing while there were three available seats, standing clos, very lose to another person sitting on the corner seat of the wagon. Her bag was hitting the person, she opened wide the news paper letting extra pages in front of the eyes of the person, I wasn’t sure if this was a sort of candid camera or for real…

The story continues when using the elevator, he who comes first pushes the others presses the button to shut the door not even caring for the mom and her baby stepping in…

What makes people run in the morning, to catch a bus they risk their lives, to jump into subway when the doors close they risk their lives too. Their morning faces aren’t nicer than their end of day faces, frowns and anger, some hold their coffee mug as a trophy (I wonder if they do not think it is a weapon to defend their angry mood against a simple smiling face. Oh! and those who read the news paper and do the amazing effort to drop it on the ground looking 360 degrees around to ensure there are no witnesses, where every body saw the gesture!


Image credits; A Journey to Seoul

And finally the door blockers… they are so eager to protect the doors, to the point they block it while the whole wagon is empty… do they realise that? I hope they don’t, they would feel so ridicule …

So this is where I ask myself about the untold reasons to watch such things from my fellow humans. I guess that social education does not promote any more human values, the sense of individualism is so well promoted through commercial messages… The “I need” or “I want” culture … how many commercials are based on family and collective or community aspects? SO little when the  majority focusses on the “My vacation, my body, my needs, my …” New standards are made from sources who only care to satisfy their clients… individuals keep going every morning with their struggle to get to work regardless of what goes on around them…

Until the next one, enjoy a good smile

Michel – May 1st, 2014

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