Customer service

Words never change, the way these are understood may differ fro an era to another.

Customer service over the phone used to be something pleasant and fast until most services to customers got a 1-800 number and were managed by semi-robot semi-humanized voices, but full load of humanless emotions… and dare you punch the wrong key your punishment was to start over again…

Then came the voice recognition systems, >State your name and proceed…> don<t ever try to fool with these machines they could take you spinning for long very long minutes!


Image credits: Free Spirit

If you are enough lucky to get a human voice over the call, it means you have successfully survived all of the options, the spinning messages the mysteries of vice recognition, you also should not have something cooking in the stove, waiting far from it would have carbonized your meal unless you thought using your mobile, but there the battery must be full…

Anyway, if you survived all these initiations and you are in this very moment addressing to a human… ah I forgot you better have your card, account number, PIN, your mother’s maiden name, your favourite pet name, the first place you met the love of your life, etc.

So here we are, you state your name, you wait an answer, the person has already put you on hold, you are given to listen how much they care about your customer experience and satisfaction, then the lounge music, then the apologies to put you on hold, then the customer service promotional messages, then the lounge music…

Oh! Miracle! A vice starts the usual formula, you just hear “,,,,, how can I help you today^” You desperately try to get the persons name, just to look you care too, it’s too late …I usually ask them to tell me their own name, because I like to show them I care too about whom they are.

Emmmmm yes I need help please, ….
You notice you have dedicated less tha an hour to speak to a customer service associate, yet not sure if they have the answer for you, but still speaking to a person makes us still feel we are humans!

Until the next one, enjoy your customer service journey!

Michel – May 2nd, 2014

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