Stop Recycling the Past…

We do live many environmental issues today, we are informed of the risks, the impacts and the stakes our planet is enduring because of us, humans who still consider Earth is a limitless bank account.

I remember my first lesson about environment came from my young kids who, at the end of their school day, used to tell us what they learned, all the new discoveries, but also adding a different sort of discussion: caring for the environment!


The first time I smiled considering this was kid’s things, learning how to become “good kids”, but then messages were addressing to me, their mom. These casual messages such as “Dad, it is better to keep printed paper and use the clean side for shopping list, or drafts…” DO you get what I mean, our education as adult coming from a world where we cared only to throw everything to the garbage was our sole contribution to live in a “clean” place!

Since I learned, since I got myself actively committed and try every day a bit more to help this planet to be a good place to live…

On another hand, and surprisingly opposite to the need of maintaining a sustainable space to us and to the coming generations, it is – at least to my own opinion – critical to stop recycling the past, the past of habits, the past of the mental scheme saying “If it works why change it” or “We always did it that way”… This applies to many fields in every day’s life.

We often blame systems and their people of lacking innovation or creativity, we often complain about things that do not work anymore, so we tend to bring new tools and adopt new technologies and yet we are still not finding proper answers to actual challenges.

If we take for example Education in general (that covers all levels and all actors from first classes to adult education and training), how many new tools were implemented, developed, hundreds of billions of dollars invested to come up with ideal solutions, yet there is still a generalized feeling of failure, the failure of solutions!

No wonder if we still use the way it used to work in our days (60’s or 70’s etc.) compared to today’s realities both ideas and both ways are good, efficient and useful, though these were and are meant for each of their times.

Putting the old in a new suit or dress will rarely make it look as new. Innovation is being used the same way we heat left overs in the microwave. Knowledge is not anymore a luxury that a few could have, control and use. Knowledge is essential to the let people, nations, generations grow and evolve. And for these people to grow through knowledge, we need to accept the fact such richness need to be owned or renowned by those who are or who will become the new working and active generations.

How much do we care abut our next generations ? I guess we do care a lot! Therefore we also need to consider that recycling old ideas will only sustain old ways of sharing knowledge and education…

Yes about recycling for the good of our planet, but please let us stop recycling the past! Interesting paradox, isn’t it ? 😉

Until next time, have a great day

Michel – May 5, 2014

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