Amount of Knowledge …

Amount of Knowledge vs. Amount of Learned Knowledge

It is with no doubt very impressive to note the amount of knowledge that flows every second among the various networks, business portals, public virtual places.

Just counting the number of experts, influencers who share these abundant quantities of their knowledge, not forgetting all the side references and contributions from less known persons, who still share valuable information.

The impressive amount of information and knowledge is almost everywhere. If you commute to work, the dynamic screens will give you the essential news of the day before getting to your office, and if you do not care to read these screens, then the condensed edition of the most popular newspapers in town are made available. The slogans of such editions claim you could have the essential of news in 20 minutes (that being an average time to get to work).


.Image credits: The Atlantic

There is a source that calculates the amount of data that is created every minute, you could visit the site and look at the information ( How Much Data is Created Every Minute).

This made me wonder, with all this flow of data (knowledge) how much our brain could assimilate and how much, in fact, this knowledge is really learned? I am aware that today’s ways of keeping or collecting knowledge differ from a passed time where all the modern means did not exist yet. I am also pretty much conscious that such dynamics have put various approaches of learning, and using what we learn. This also has a direct impact on education in general. Just keeping in mind how “full” students’ minds are when they attend classes, regardless of grades and levels, but also how unprepared teachers could be if they did not follow the same pace of exposure to such knowledge.

At the end, maybe ones should ask what is more important finally: the amount of knowledge or the amount of learned knowledge?

Have a great day,

Michel, May 13, 2014

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