About Social Networks…

This paper is about some casual observations regarding the behaviour of some users on social networks. I do not pretend to make an analysis, nor to bring statistics or refer to studies. It is simply about  me and my sense of observation, let us say my natural curiosity about human behaviour!

I joined social networks (these were not known as such, yet their reason to be were to engage people to be art of virtual communities, share and connect ), a few years before the advent of today’s most popular ones. Since then, I was fascinated by people who were using these spaces, their attitude, their reactions, their emotions. Many people were so skeptical about such networks, and that was understandable. A major change in the social life of people in general.


Image Credits: Dilbert – By Scott Adams

How about today? The funny aspect of today’s social networks and medias resides somehow into this inheritance of past habits by some people: the use of nicknames, but why would I use a nickname if I join a professional social network? No photos: hey, you are a person, aren’t you? Visiting profiles as an anonymous user: why are you hiding? Any problem identifying yourself? and so on…

There was a time where most believed having spot on such networks did not mean they were the same people in real life! Then why doubling yourself into two half true persons.

The changes of business and learning needs have also changed the way most look at such communities;  recruiters are well established on professional and business networks, companies post job openings, people create groups of common interests, a great number of users post their own processional profile or resume, etc. Yet there are those who still perpetuate patterns from the past days of early online life.

You wonder, why do they join networks such as LinkedIn for example, or any other of the kind? I guess there are no  clear answers to such, it is only a matter of human behaviour, social and personal attitude. We tend to reflect our real-time life habits through our “virtual” presence on the net… Do we still believe there is a gap between both worlds? If some still believe there are, the line between the two is narrower than ever.

Have a great day

Michel – May 14, 2014

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