When your posts become part of …

What is your first thought each time you see some interesting paper or a picture that makes your brain and emotions sense the wow..? You wish you invented it. So you might make a copy of it, eventually keep it in a folder of your own and probably share it with friends or friends of friends…

In the pre-web era, we could consider it as part of gossips, mouth to ear information circulation, not forgetting how many  interpretation and changes the transmission of such messages could have had from the initiator to the last person of the chain, we used the word rumours, gossips, and so many more.

Today’s social networks, allow more people to spread more information, using approaches that can look similar, but moreover let the ease-to-use these new technologies to propagate any sort of information. we all have in mind how major events travelled the planet in less time than commuting to work…


Image Credits: Timothy Bowers

So imagine how fun it could be when you find some information that matters to you, your first reaction is to share it within you group of friends, who will share with their own friends, who will… Some call it a “viral message”…

I connected to a couple of social networks this morning, and noted a post that I found many months ago -it was in Q4 of 2013-  which I picked, saved and shared with my contacts, at that time I recall the post got around 2500 views, hundreds of “likes” and tens of “shares”. I then understood how powerful such messages may be if planned using some strategies and approaches to influence the public opinion. Looking at the same post, circulating again, carrying many new comments, shares and likes made me think about the origins, the very first moment this piece of information was put publicly, who did that, where di it start from, was I part of this chain (of course I was), where di it go, how come it is back, will if ever stop?

I do not intend to analyse the pros and cons of such approach, I’d like to look at its potential if  used to better serve people, bring them knowledge, share positive experiences from real life, contributing to a better social good. I wonder if that would be one of the rare times the word “viral” will be thought to serve people, instead of scaring them! Don’t you agree?

So imagine if your online posts are part of this unlimited and priceless phenomenon to share what contributes to feel happier with others, all essential elements of our collective life would improve offering a healthier place to live with our fellow planet inhabitants!

Until the next time, enjoy your day

Michel – May 19, 2014

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