Learn, Unlearn, Relearn…


Little words, simple quote yet so meaningful…

I wondered if for a single moment we’d transpose this quote to the becoming of today’s education, how true this would apply.

Note the pace that all new content is made available, note how new discoveries are challenging all of what we learned about science, mathematics, physics, space, chemistry, even biology, and how fast people who learn and who collect knowledge need to adapt. This new trend does not discard the principles of the foundation of learning: speech, recognize shapes and basic colours and of course how to count from 1 to 10. That every single human learns even before getting to school to socialize with other people and share knowledge.

The rest, resides to the place of birth, the parents’ culture and education, social midst, wealth or poverty, well-being or not, and so may other factors we tend to take for granted, yet we need to discover, comprehend, assimilate and use. All this based on the basic fundamentals we learn with our parents, in fact our very first educators, and maybe the only ones.

So back to learn, unlearn and relearn.
It is to my understanding through observations that the process of learning will change, if not already changed. If we consider adult education, all courses are required for a specific scope and purpose, the once covered ad when new requirements arise, then it is another program that is ut in place, new training, new courses new acquisition of new knowledge and so on. The LUR (Learn Unlearn Relearn) process is what today’s people and inevitably those of tomorrow will have to get into their continuous cycle of collecting and mastering in most every fields.

Is it something new? I doubt it is, on the contrary it has been since the early days of mankind when they discovered the various elements, their ever growing needs for an ever growing quality of life. The skills they developed to hunt for example biggest prey to feed their kinds made them unite for a common goal, then the social units, forming a group of people doing a similar type of activities, these evolved ad became towns, cities, countries, … Each time people needed to share their knowledge, to re-think it and learn a renewed amount of knowledge all  compliant to their needs of a given time of their evolution.

I guess, the process never stropped since it started with the first acts of survival. don’t we agree that learning is an endless richness, hopefully never to slow from our end?

Michel, May 21, 2014

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