Are some people disconnected that bad from reality?

Looking at some papers on a social network, I found an article where the author (an “expert” among many!) was describing the fact of loosing a job a matter of congratulating oneself, the fact of having to reconnect to people who were not in their loop as long as they were employed, etc. Although the intent was good and the aim was to provide a positive direction to the situation, the message was somehow unrealistic specially to those who were desperately seeking a job, a source of revenue, moreover for people who after months not to say a year or so could not find any job!

The responses and comments to this author, were very predictable, and some of the people who put a comment were struggling to remain composed and polite.


Image Credits: The DaaSler

In these days of jobs uncertainty, people seeking for an employment must double or triple efforts to  get back at square one to review their resume, their job hunting, updating, upgrading keep up the spirits, be positive, talk to people who could cheer them up, validate their resume, or eventually get them in touch with people who know people, subscribe to various sites, submit for a work position, wait for a reply that may not come soon, re-do the same process again and again, look at the mail-box filling with bills, etc.

Being myself seeking for contracts, I was laid off temporarily after 10 years doing a job I loved a lot, I could not agree more with the people’s reactions.

This led me to look at this situation from a wider perspective and see how big that gap is among people who advise and make recommendations to those who cannot think but to meet both ends at the cost of loosing all what is precious to them!

How disconnected some people can be when they discuss about such sensitive matters, addressing to a wide range of viewers and members of that specific social network. It reminded me also how distant we are in our minds, I mean socially and collectively. Being actively on social medias is also a responsibility, a commitment in particular if we write, post and share our own ideas, our discoveries or at least we curate and share articles other specialists wrote and published. Where was the modesty and where was an attitude of empathy and compassion? Instead this paper was sharing assertive truths to an audience that needed more a compassionate message. Social good, empathy, were these so hard to get and so complicated to express?

Well I hope this incident would make people aware to keep saying what they think is right to say, but when ones go public then it is a matter of human solidarity to compose with people’s feelings and emotions.

Culture and social attitude are our very own as humans, let us hope we do not see these as “things from the past” and keep ourselves prisoners of our inner ivory towers!

Until the next time, be well

Michel – May 28, 2014


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