A Friday morning in downtown Montreal

Having to leave home for at least 4 to 5 hours I decided to visit the downtown of my city Montreal. You may ask yourself why do I have to leave home? well, to say the truth, I am somehow forced because of Maria. Maria is our housekeeper who comes every 2 Fridays. She is so efficient and does an amazing job, but she needs to take control. Taking control means: No one at home as long as she has work to do!

Having cleared my status, I may share with you some of what it is to spend a few hours in downtown with no initial purpose. Well since I had past experiences of “loosing my place for a few hours” I developed plans, approaches in order to make this excursion fun and amusing!

It is important to plan, plan something to do, where to go, will I go walking, sitting in a café, or a shopping mall, etc.? This task is to be completed a day or two before!

Put down the timeline: go by bus, subway, walk…?
How much time will I be sitting reading, writing (emmmm this blog for example), take pictures (Inspiring pics of course) will I have a WIFI connection? ( I know this should be part of the logistics and planning)

Leave Home:
Maria comes around 8:15 AM, so I better be ready before and leaver around 8:10ish unless I need to meet her for something related to the clean-up…
Today I decided to take bus and subway. It is funny both transports were not crowded at all, obviously I was passed the rush hour… (he he getting used to non-rush hours!) there were three possible destinations to DT Montreal.



It took me a second when the subway stopped at Bonaventure station. I stepped out, took the many pathways, passed through Central Station, looked at the train schedules, people rushing to their work, passengers waiting to embark, amazing how many people I saw on a business day! Then I headed to PVM (Place Ville-Marie) a beautiful mall, found a coffee shop, took my lon, very long double espresso and sipped this delightful hot nectar.


So I am here sitting, quite a few people reading their newspaper, other reading, while having a snack or late breakfast, a couple of persons using their tablets, maybe blogging too 🙂 I did not take pictures with people included, not willing to make them feel uncomfortable, but also being careful about security restrictions in public places.

Spending Time:
Soon it will be the early lunch time people who will invade the food court, I can imagine the crowd, conversations, laughs, people talking about their week-end and the famous TGIF (Thank God It’s Friday) ahhhh I will never get used to this expression. we all know it is Friday, we all know the week-end will start in a few hours, still we say this TGIF thing like a sort of religious incantation! OK I’ll admit there are some, well many who like to say it, so suit yourself and enjoy it: TGIF! Yehhhhhhhhhhh!


So back to my little world. I will complete this paper, and go for a walk, I love walking in DT Montreal. It has this little craziness, the kind of craziness I like.

So enjoy your Friday, mine will go on with a smile, hopefully yours as well!

Michel – May 30, 2014


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