What Really Matters at the End of the School Year?

A friend of mine forwarded to me a paper written by a K12 educator, who was thinking loud her overall school year.

The teacher made a self-assessment of her attaining her yearly objectives and her students’ as well. So far it was a promising positive intention, denoting a sincere worry of how much her students did reach the overall goals, where the final exams would prove if her class did attain such objectives, moreover she pointed out how her performance would be viewed by the school board.

The questioning and the thinking were really showing her sincere concerns regarding quality and effectiveness. I was sincerely and very positively impressed of such open minded and sincere statements she made throughout her text.


In the conclusion of her paper she described her meeting with the head principal as she was figuring out the end year meeting, imagining the conversation she would have… This is where I felt lost!

Lost because it seemed that all what mattered to her, were the stats, the figures, the numbers! All what mattered also was to anticipate the reaction of her director. She was describing the interview making sure she would cover herself of all possible issues that would have happened with the students! The way the discussion continued between them was so focussed on results,.

 This thinking made me wonder how sadly she lost the focus on the essential: her students! Not intending to judge her, I deducted how such walkthrough of thoughts was in appearance looking as something good for the sake of a better way in education, where all what she was concerned about was the evaluation meeting with her principal!

How much very lost must have been her students if they happened to read her blog!

My personal conclusion, based on various observations, can be defined with a single word: Worry. Worry for the future and sustainability of education. If young educators (some of them of course) are trapped in such mechanism, it is not toady nor tomorrow that real education will rise and bring a better social good for the next generations, or is it the untold intent to keep on with such to maintain the established order of things?

No wonder more parents are looking for  new avenues for a better education for their children.

Michel – June 6, 2014

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