Would you have dinner in this restaurant?

You have been recommended this Italian trattoria where all ingredients are home made, selected wines to meet every type of meat, poultry or seafood, the ambiance is really what you have been looking for… So you decide to go on an evening with some friends. Getting there you cannot miss the post at the door, saying:


So, what would you do next?

Depending on your lifestyle habits there are pretty chances some people would go for another place where Wi-Fi is available, others will mumble but still come and enjoy their meal, a few would turn off their smartphone, etc.

Does this new trend of continuous evolving technologies will dictate our  new social behaviour? I hope not! We still need to talk to express and feel our humanity, don’t we?

I guess if I had a restaurant, I would advertise the “people talk to people” thing, very aware I might not have too many clients 😉

Have a great day,

Michel – June 10, 2014

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