These amazing devices…

I never imagined how useful and how powerful these little devices could be. It’s been a year I switched to a real smartphone, I wanted a multifunction tool for email of course, phone when needed and access to my social networks. But I never figured out these new “toys” would replace my various digital cameras, photos and videos…

In the last two weeks I had my brother and his wife coming over for a visit, it was their first tip to Canada, so it was obvious I would like to show them the most of the places, cities, and more…

We went on various excursions to downtown Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto and Quebec City. During such pleasant events we always think of keeping track of places we visit.

Quebec City

During this visit the only device I took with me was my smart phone, as it carries a very powerful camera, leaving at home my digital cameras, the movie cam and other gadgets. I wasn’t sure I made the right choice, until the first photos came out, retouched, with special effects and published instantly to various social networks. It was an amazing experience to note how easy it is nowadays to use and share pictures with whom we desire, eventually use some shared virtual places to share not only a photo or two but an entire album, in various folders.

Vacation 1
Ottawa – Niagara Falls

It also made me wonder  how useful these new tools can promote and spread not only photos but also useful information, access to my online classes, listen to my lectures, edit and publish my blogs, and more.

Who could imagine less than 15 years ago this could be possible!

Vacances 3
Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada (Toronto)

There is a lot of says about innovation and creativity, some people tend to grant these tools the full credit, but finally these are simply tools just tools that can help our imagination to innovate and to create what we think and what we feel to share.

I would like to imagine some day the manufacturers of such amazing devices would find a way to produce less expensive devices to let more people access the richness of human creativity and their power of innovation.

Sharing precious knowledge is not meant to an elite of privileged people, it has to be available to all, with no restrictions. Social good and collective well being do not need to be the hostages of profit and greed…

Enjoy your vacation,

Michel – July 2, 2014

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