Addicted to Smart Devices? Naaaaaaah!

Have you ever imagined when trying to connect to a social media you get a message saying: “The network is down for the day! – Please check later!”

What would be your thoughts? I mean your emotional and mental thoughts! How would a person who connects daily to Facebook feel when unable to hook to her account and talk to her many friends? How about HR recruiters, who built their connections on LinkedIn, being unable to get to their contacts for some of their daily tasks? And how about your phone provider who cannot link you to your messages, chat, SMS, and more?

It is interesting to observe people’s behaviour and reactions during such moments of deprivation. From the words and expressions heard in public places ones can identify the nature of the problem, then the type of the emotional status, finally the chat over the meal or the coffee about this shortage of connection!

We all agree that tobacco, drugs, excessive drinking creating addiction and become very dangerous to people’s health! But it is seldom mentioned what could be the effects of such extreme use of “online life” on our temper and social attitude.

In the beginning of the era of social networks people who were disconnected for a while used to post on public forums their emotional state of mind, almost crying of despair, at times cursing and blaming the connection (technical) to be the source of their unhappiness! It used to make me smile and imagine how futile  and trivial these little “incidents” could be.

00 SMartPhone_Addict
Image credits: Business News  Daily

A friend of mine shared with me yesterday a real story that happened a while ago. There was a survey on the net, asking people which restaurant they would recommended to enjoy a quiet pleasant meal. The feedback did not take too long, people responded willingly stating that they stopped going to specific restaurants (their did in fact provide the names) where people were speaking and arguing very loud, where music was very loud, – so far this is a very normal type of answers – but where the majority responded about places they liked the less were the ones where people would use their cell phones, either to chat, to answer phone calls, put their ring tones at max, etc. It did not surprise me, in fact I had the feeling this probably was the most common observation. People going to a place to socialize, enjoy company, but not in person, just hooked on their device chatting with people far from the company they were supposed to  meet with.

I do not say that technology is wrong or bad, instead I worry about its side effects, its drawbacks, when it was unsocial to use a phone in such places a while ago, became the opposite when you expect some peaceful atmosphere. Chang of times, ones would say, I’d fully agree, but what about what’s behind this?

The latest commercials about smart phones (all brands of course) strongly insinuate to their owners they can’t function properly without these gadgets in their day to day existence. No wonder some day they will create an application that will tell you if you had a good sleep or not. These aren’t anymore simple gadgets, they are becoming parts of our life, our intimate life, our family life!

I am a big fan and big user of technologies, especially all that goes around mobility, but also I programmed these devices to shut down at a certain time evening, and start up at a specific hour in the morning. I know it could sound puerile, but it is my way to keep and own a decision of my own: where and when it stops!

Have a great day,

Michel – July 7, 2014


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