Tipomania… Epilogue, Finale!

I have been, for the past months, fighting these papers and articles who claimed that 5, 10 or 23 tips could make you feel better eventually becoming a better manager, a better specialist, a better candidate for a job even a better unemployed (yes I know this seems ridiculous, but honest there were a couple of papers speaking of the 4 or 7 tips to embrace the unemployment status!)

So today I was checking on some articles and papers, as I like to do almost every day, when my eyes fell on a title that caught my curiosity. It was about the 4 or 5 lessons companies could learn from the last football (soccer) game between Germany & Brazil! I could not believe my eyes that someone would use this to compare and advise readers about what lessons could be drawn from a football game!

You can imagine human behaviour in such occasions, when it relates to sports the fan of each team, the ones for and the others against, how things can degenerate, become less objective, too emotional! Alas this was increasingly happening! I sincerely wondered how people, professional, influencers, or specialists could fall into this trap! Human instincts taking control!

Image Credits: FuturistSpeaker.Com

Among all of these comments, there was one, just one, that looked meaningful, that made real sense. I felt such a relief, as in few words this person reflected what I was struggling with about these “so-called experts” who enjoy the forefront of opinions and allow themselves to share questionable contents and ideas, such lacking the feel of authenticity and accuracy.  I do not say all experts are like that, there is a majority of reliable experts, people who are thorough and who share verified information, if not in most occasions having experimented such situations and made sure their sources were authentic.  These real Exerts deserve recognition and respect.

I would like to share with you these words, these were the words this person posted and shared with the various people who contributed to this discussion:

[quote] “Top 1 lesson that bloggers, journalists and gurus always should apply:
find a successful person or group and write about their so called success factors as lessons for everyone. Make it a top 3/4/5/etc.of ‘key factors’ to make your ‘analysis’ sound more scientific.” W.B. [end of quote]

I guess it says all!

Michel – July 9, 2014

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