Positive thinking!

In the last 3 years of my professional life I met outstanding people, people who helped me discover amazing things, walk through unforgettable journeys.

I attended various courses, collected a tremendous amount of knowledge, all these professors and teachers had in common something we rarely talk about. They all indistinctly passed a message, wrapped their classes with a common message: compassion, empathy and positive thinking! This learning prepared me to discover at the end of this journey, we, humans, seek Happiness! Yes happiness!

 Whether it was the course on Gamification, on Design Thinking for Business Solutions, Storytelling, and so on! The most important lesson I learned spoke of things we seldom see or hear teachers speak about!

Image credits: Positive Affirmation

I remember my dad used to say “Make sure you learn something every day, no matter the topic, just make sure when you go to bed, just remember if you learned something new, something good…” I think with years he did notice my sense of curiosity and eagerness to learn by myself through books and observations all what makes us humans, people, living with the desire to nurture this desire of discovering!

Since I joined social networks (some 10 years ago, other a bit less) I also learned, I keep on learning. Learning not only about technical things, technologies, processes, etc. But learning about people, their expectations, their dreams, and their quest for a better life. The notion of “social good” was a true striking discovery. A discovery that taught me how much I could contribute for the people I would meet, influence (maybe), people whom I would express my vision about a specific or a global understanding about education, sharing the richness of our minds and findings.

I have been actively involved on a couple of social networks for professional experts and seekers of expertise. I have read a lot of their papers, contributed to the thread of comments and discussion. There were times I was really thrilled to note other people were thinking the same I did, other were just focusing on providing advice, promising success to their readers on condition their followers would follow these advices, the tips, the tricks, etc.

I have rarely read about someone who did share a success story where people were at the center of their thinking. Don’t they have such stories to share instead of telling me what are the secrets to get a job or how to behave during a job interview? Why don’t you people share your human feelings, your behaviour with people, how much would they enjoy and benefit your human side of your amazing skills and trade!

Do not fear this could demise your importance as professionals, on the contrary people will find you closer than you ever imagine. People will fear you less as eminent experts, when they will feel your humanity that speaks their day to day life, people will know they can learn something they could simply use and benefit from!

Let us engage into this positive thinking, social good will make a better education, better jobs, better collective sharing. This is not a theory, it is something we forgot about because we spent too much time dealing with technologies, concepts, and processes instead of what would make your readers and followers happier people!

You, yes You have the privilege to be heard, followed, listened to, this is somehow a very important responsibility, don’t you think?

Have a positive evening,

Michel – August 5, 2014

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