A Damn Good Resume!

Don’t teach me how to write the perfect resume, don’t throw at me your advice, your tricks and “secrets” to make a resume that would make a company hire me… No matter how perfect it will be, it will never reflect the person I am, the qualification and the skills I have, it will be “your” resume instead! And that is not what I want my future employer to think!

Instead talk to me about your real life experiences, your successes and of course when it did not work as you wished. Make me feel we are both people who feel, learn and share the similar things about life! And please don’t bring these numbers, stats and studies, talk to me about you, just you, the real YOU!

I am often asked to be part of the list of references a candidate (a person whom I know and with whom there was a work relationship). They know that I will never “boost” their skills, their behaviour, and will tell the very truth about them on a specific topic. So they are aware I will answer and share what I know about the real person they looked to me!

00 Good resume
Image Credits: Efinancial Careers

A damn good resume, yes indeed! But not someone else’s resume based upon your tricks and points… People who seek a job need to feel in trust about their qualifications their skills their ability to be the ideal candidate for a specific job! Haven’t you noticed the people involved into hiring a new candidate may not be the same? The over the phone call (the screening interview) will focus on 1st impressions, on the first interview and probably the final one you will meet different persons, and finally the person who will call for references may probably a different person!

I had a funny moment when I was called 10 days ago from an HR person checking references. I felt the person had no idea about the candidate (I mean she did not have the person’s file or report on the previous meetings) so I asked her if she new for what position my contact was applying for? There was an eloquent silence, then she admitted she had no idea about the position!!! At my second question asking about what she wanted me to say (skills, behaviour, knowledge, etc.) she answered she had no specific questions!

Luckily my former colleague got the job, yet I felt a bit perplexed about such process where I could not the discontinuous thread among the various steps of the process…

So dear experts, tell me about these things, tell me about what could happen not just what I must or have to do! Let us get real here! You cannot imagine how painful it feels when based upon authoritative advice I fail to get the jon and start blaming myself and my doubt of my self-esteem!

I know how to write a resume, I know I could get some help for the presentation, proofreading word smiting etc… I know I need to use good quality paper, I know about being on time if not a few minutes before the interview, I know I have to visit the potential employer’s web site… What I would like to know is how you did get a job in real, what were your failures and what did you do to fix such!

So please next time your will want to advise me and many job seekers, I would kindly ask you to share and be yourself!

Until next time, I wish you a fantastic day!


Michel – August 7. 2014

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