Let’s Talk Wisdom and Knowledge!

Education specialists, and since the beginning of time, took care to find what they considered to be the ideal education for learners. There is nothing new to announce: education is doing well! It is those who have the responsibility of finding appropriate solutions for today’s challenges in education who are less so. Yes, beyond any deficiencies that we see today, the pedagogical model of education has followed a natural progression tailored to the needs of each generation. However it is to be noted a strange fact: since the advent of new information technologies and the Web, there is a significant stagnation in education, the offer that prevails seems to warm-up leftovers of the past through the use of these new technologies.

The responsible for the future of a better education, are often resistant to change. In fact, they think they have to manage this change, instead of adapting to the changes they need to be aware of. The trap of stagnation is easy, eventually very seducing, in particular if technology is used to promote changes of a “new” development in education, while the opposite is true. A technological tool is nothing more than a tool, it’s what it is done with it that allows to put into practice the principles of education adapted to today’s needs of learners. It is perfectly normal and legitimate to protect the earned assets, the acquired skills, or even notoriety gained during many years of efforts. But this should not come at the expense of the people we are the reason to exist of expertise and people who provide it.

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Choosing the right person to promote and manage projects in education is critical. If education is not as important as all other aspects of social and political life, it is likely to remain the stepchild of that system. It is urgent to stop specializing students in school drop-out and then complain or even make costly studies to “analyze” the causes of it. In fact, specialists are at the core of finding a solution, however they need to partner with the people to whom the solution is meant for: students, learners. Sharing their knowledge, to enable learners to get the ownership of their future, letting them to evolve and mature throughout their life, ensuring a legacy for the generations to come.

Learning is not (not anymore) a question of privileges meant to the elite of a given society. Learning is the most fundamental right of a person. Are experts so worried of losing their supremacy on their kind, to the point they rather let it stagnate in hidden archives no one will ever use instead of sharing and let people evolve?

Knowledge and education are intertwined. One cannot exist without the other. If it is a proven fact that information becomes knowledge and leads to wisdom, it is the same for education. Maybe the time has come to leave the ivory tower and get to the people’s level, learners will surely appreciate and surely express gratitude and recognition to the experts,

I wish you a day filled with moments of wisdom, wisdom that transforms the world around you.

Michel – August 25, 2014

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