Technologies vs. Education!

I still do not understand why some people still believe that technologies will make education better! Do not misunderstand my words, technologies are a normal and natural step in the amelioration of our needs in life and will always be seen as such. It is when some trends promote the fact that technologies are the “Solution” for today’s education challenges, where I do not feel in agreement. Such says is similar to adding a coat of fresh paint on a rusted piece of metal, we do not address the real problems, we tend to scoop them under the rug and move on. If such fails then we blame students or learners.

Image Credits: Alex May Hughes – Cartoon by Gregory

In my opinion, education has always been a gift to humankind, such gift is in itself adaptive to every generation across the timeline of human evolution. It is the use we make of it that is the real problem. If we address the issues of education, it is done among specialists and experts, if we look at solution for a better education it is through technologies, if learners graduate with a lifetime debt to repay it is because education is considered a commodity that generates profits, if rates of dropouts and failures are increasing we blame it on students and their lack of motivation and engagement… Bottom line Education for those who control it is seems to be a trading product. A sad vision we make of education.

Education instead is a source of richness, such richness that cannot be used to maintain nations into the darkness of ignorance. When experts promote technologies in the right way then they should also consider to provide such technologies to places where it is lacking. How do we promote the use of social medias, social networks and portable devices where some places struggle to get normal electricity or internet access? Aren’t we keeping our mindset into our limited world where we lost the real and true values of things? If we really care about education for people, then let us find ways where regardless of the means and the technologies, education can be easily provided and accessed! I can’t imagine that such experts and proficient people think only of their limited horizon, this would make our world a sad expression where there will always be those who own and those who are owned! It is about time to ensure the future succession on different grounds and different conception.

Michel – October 13, 2014

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