Learning from the future generation!

Experts and specialists keep their knowledge and expertise gathering alive from sources but also from their peers, they often tend to forget that learning also from the future generation of experts is nowadays considered as a must. When facing the stagnation of education as it is now, young graduates are changing and adapting their needs to learn from their own initiatives. If school encourages group and tea work, well they push this to higher level and instead of a collaboration approach they work on a contribution format, where all bring to the project, study or assignment their own separate results and join it to the collectivity or the team. These are some of the behaviours that are noticed in various circles at school r at work.

Contributing is something most senior experts may not be that familiar to, at best they advocate some sort of collaboration, collect results and fashion the final according to their own vision.

I have decided recently to get involved into a more specific domain in education: the educative approaches for children with special needs, convinced I could bring some positive and effective contribution for this amazing good cause.

Image credits: Insafe

Not being trained neither having the appropriate knowledge I, then decided to seek such information from people who did their studies in this specific field. It was obvious I had to act accordingly, thus connecting to a different network of young experts, the people who did in fact graduated in this field. I was pleasantly surprised to reach more than 50 persons with whom I would be able to share my long past experience in education and collect from them some critical and essential information and knowledge about the people they take care of.

I never felt my expertise was at risk or never imagined I would not be able to better understand what this domain is about, on the contrary such move from my end was natural and normal.

The same happened since I volunteered1 years ago to help young students in Montreal becoming their mentor, offering the best I could about my domain of work, feeling such activity so rewarding especially when the persons whom I was in touch with were appreciative and shared their own understanding and discoveries about their future careers.

Learning from others is a natural behaviour, learning for young generations is a source of keeping me updated and still useful to a cause I have dedicated most of my active working life.

Engaging into such mindset is one of the steps that would promote a renewed model of teaching, granting the future of education a solid asset to sustain in the full sense a better social good.

Are we ready for this new culture in education? I wish it is the case!

Michel – October 4, 2014

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