Employee’s Recognition!

What is often missing in the course of employment is the lack of recognition both by the employer to its employees; it’s the same for an employee who is disappointed not to receive from his employer that recognition for a job well done. We agree that the recognition is not an obligation that we should expect all the time, however, it is a lifestyle and a corporate culture.

Recognizing the contribution of an employee is not just a matter of a bonus that can be part of a job agreement during the hiring process, it may lose the value that an employee expects.

Doing the requested work is a normal thing, as it is part of the deal between that was agreed upon with the employees, doing a good job is one of the expectations of the employer and ultimately contributing to stand the company for which you work is a rewarding return for that employer.

Image Credit: Blogging4Jobs

Recognition cannot be learned in classes, it is part of our attitude and our human culture. It is well past the time when the employer thought that the pay-check was the reward for coming to work. This limited vision has generated only remote feelings and caused loss if interest of the personnel for what could happen to their employer.

As for me, I confess to having received and, on several occasions, a testimony of unexpected recognition from my managers. Of pleasant events, and so rewarding. This allowed me not only to feel appreciated, but to identify myself as a contributor to the culture of the company for which I worked the last 10 years of my professional journey! It did not give me a sense of power over my colleagues, on the contrary, I have always felt proud to be part of such a team.

We should not be confused with human recognition rewards the consumer market offers today. These famous “rewards” granted for a fee spent on a credit card, or the number of coffees we purchase to get a free one, etc… These are rewards (if we can call them that) that can rapidly – in my opinion – become ephemeral, the pleasure we retrieve from these soon diminishes making consumers expect for more.

Recognition touches our feelings, the sense of belonging to a collectivity (The company) as an active member of this group of people (staff), it is not a win-win basis.

It would be interesting, for job seekers to find out about the vision of the new employer regarding human recognition!

From most of the job postings I have read for the last 6 months this seems to be a kind of rarity!

Michel – October 27, 2014

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