We are All Time Travellers!

We’re All Time Travellers

From the first drawings on the walls of the caves of Lascaux to the latest technological tool, there is one thing we are doing that has never changed: travelling through our human history by learning…

What changed since? I would think “nothing much” as a “logical” answer. Excluding of course the new tools and all the smart technologies that we can use today. The needs remain the same, people seek better knowledge as they have done since the very first steps of human kind.

People learned from their needs, from unplanned events or unexpected situations, some of the most important discoveries came out to light from ways no one could ever imagined, yet the purpose and the quest remained the same: People have always discovered, learned and perpetuated such knowledge from generation to generation.

00 Time Travel
Image courtesy Graeme Dawes / Ilias Strachinis / Shutterstock

I was amazed when I learned how the first groups of humans did manage to hunt bigger preys to ensure the survival of their tribe. The drawings showing the hunt for mammoth is an amazing story (In today’s language a storyboard), these people left for the next generations their story, their know-how, “educating” younger people to learn how to hunt!

Since education existed as we know it now, people searched and developed what they thought was important for others (learners and students) needed the most. Theories were brought and put in practice to drill and train future good citizens, other visions claimed that education was meant for a certain elite who would take control of social, political and economic destiny.

The need for knowledge triggered inevitably a source for profit, when people who had the knowledge decided to share their skills for profit, time travelling in human history became available just for those who built the institutional model of today’s education. It soon became exclusive to a certain category of the population, of some nations, in fact people who could afford it. People who could not afford education were “pushed” to take what systems would give them to collect minimal and fill the ranks of low level employments or hard work.

In this new age of human history, technologies are available to all, regardless of their level of education people gained back the possibility to travel in their own ethnical, national and human history. Internet triggered the first signs of this change, advanced technologies – becoming more affordable than ever – gave people all the means to search and discover what was previously reserved for the few.

Education is not just a science, education is not just a matter of rational and deep thinking, education is about life, education is having answers about all and almost everything, education is as important as essentials for human life. I am a sincere and convinced believer that education should be protected and provided for free the same way the air we breathe, the sun we enjoy, the life we are granted to spend on this planet.

I am not an idealistic, and if some would think I am, my answer to this important question would be if people who own the power of decision, if governments really want the wellbeing of the people, they need to declare and protect education as the world heritage and no longer a mean for profit and power. That is when people will, once again, travel in their own past and prepare their present future!

Michel – November 3rd, 2014

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