People we barely notice!

We strive to accomplish important things in our life, to achieve goals that would gain us recognition and probably fame, we feel important and that is right!
Shouldn’t we look at people around us the same way we feel?

How often do we thank the person who served yur coffee this morning, or the other one who smiled while giving us back our change at the grocery, or the bus driver who brought us safely at our destination?

How much thankful are we when we get services from people who spend their working week doing the same job just to accommodate our requests, answer to our questions? The list could be longer if we give it a thought and think of how many people we meet every day who are there for the sake of answering our needs.

00 Thank you
Image Courtesy: Spectrum Center

I know someone might say “Oh well, it is their choice, they could have done a different kind of job!” Yes it can be true, they could have, though there will always be the need for someone to give us answers, serve our coffee or give us back the change…

We need excuses to not notice these little details, feeling always in a rush, always busy, too busy sometimes, extremely occupied to stop a second or two and offer a true smile or a couple of words: Thank You!

There are too many temptations to make us too occupied to care, it is not a matter to feel bad about that, it is more to be conscious that we are people who have feelings and emotions. We cross in our day many other persons, these are also people like us, and they also feel and express emotions as we do.

We live in a consumer society that makes us forget who we are, people and not only consumers of products and services. You may say it is unrealistic to change the world as it became today, and you would be absolutely right. There is no magic wand to make such change. A change can occur by simple actions such as a smile to the person who hands the change or to the other one who serves the coffee. That I would call a sustainable change of the coming world, as it will show to others what they could also do as well. There is no need for big speeches or complicated theories, a simple gesture is enough in itself.

The same applies to education. How do we behave and how do we treat our students, how do we treat our patients, how do we treat our employees and reverse how do you expect them to treat you in return?

So I hope you did make a change today for you of course but for the people you met as well!

Michel – November 13, 2014

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