The Treasures of Education!

Teaching is the only major occupation of man
for which we have not yet developed tools
that make an average person capable of
competence and performance.
In teaching we rely on the ‘naturals,’
the ones who somehow know how to teach.

Peter Drucker


From most of the comments I read from specialists in education there is a common word coming into the discussion: the classroom! As if education was meant to be provided in a room, surrounded by walls and eventually a window, a board and some desks.

That would be a sad vision of what we, as educators, want our students and learners to remember of their moments when they collect knowledge! It would be also a preparation of what awaits most of the students in adult life where they will spend about 40 hours (if not more) per week sitting at their desk working the same way they were educated in classrooms!

00 Lascaux
Image Courtesy: Ferme de Tayac (Lascaux Caves)

Classrooms are necessary but it is only one of the various elements of the educational model, if we think of all what we can learn without being confined in a room, imagine for a moment, the school playground, the college campus, the library room, the gym, the laboratory, but also the surroundings of a school location. The town, the city, going to a park in order to make some observations, going to the movie, to a theater, I mean such amazing occasions to learn something that would extend our imagination about things we need to know, things we have to learn but also things we enjoy to discover.

Education – at least in my own vocabulary – is the various treasures that await us to be discovered and owned. There is no price for education, except the fact that we as learners and as educators need to discover and enjoy to know. Being forced to memorize a huge amount of information makes of our minds recipients of such information, often unable to connect pieces together, thus unable to analyze or  capable to logically or intuitively draw conclusions and take actions. In other words, such model of education is not a warrant to free people’s minds for a better good and their wellbeing

Whether we are in mainstream or special needs education, we have such a great and such a wonderful occasion to make something different. The care of those we are teaching and showing them the various treasures of knowledge. That would be such a unique moment for the learners to discover what is life about through the eyes of their teachers but also through the fact their educators walk the same path with them!

Keeping in mind that education is more than sitting in a classroom, let us make of these unique moments something that they will remember all their life!

Michel – November 18, 2014

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