How much do we question ourselves, when we make affirmations?

In the end, you make your reputation
and you have your success,
based upon credibility and,
being able to provide people,
who are really hungry for information,
what they want.
(Brit Hume)

To Louise G… without whom this paper would never existed!

The world of experts has been among us for quite a time, since Internet connected most humans on planet Earth, experts have also been providing their thoughts, their recommendations, advice and parts of their know-how through the same channels.

In the field of my professional activities, Education and Knowledge Management, I am privileged to cross on a daily basis the best of their knowledge from newsletters, blogs and papers.

Some became good acquaintances, even friends, as others have had an important impact in my approach about thinking and designing solutions for my professional activities and also for the causes I care for the most: education for special needs!

Speaking of impact, we can think of influence. Of course the influencers are many and most have the gift to address their audiences with charisma and the use of very engaging and appropriate words in their messages.

00 making-credible
Image Courtesy: Motivational Speakers

I have recently noted a prolific number of papers from experts providing, not to say pushing, advice over advice, recipe over recipe, in such an affirmative manner to the point one could think or fear if he or she does not follow by the letter the expert’s affirmations what may happen!

It made me think how these persons validated such affirmations, what was the criteria they based their speech, on what basis could they say in an assertive tone what to do or not to do (we all know about these numbered tips or dos or don’s to get a job, have a successful business, etc.)

To be honest, I started what people need do the best: to question these affirmations, to seek alternatives for validation purposes, to look for similar content, etc.

According to various sources and definition the word “credit” inspires to entrust someone about his or her says, and someone whom we do give credit becomes to us a “credible” person, that being the capacity or power to elicit belief, a quality of being believable!

I am not a big fan of rhetorical and endless conversations or useless discussion, however I found it was necessary to “ask” just ask, how much in depth goes the thinking and questioning process of experts before they tell me that “these are the 6 ways to get a job!”. I can’t tell my mind when I read the full paper sometimes I feel I am reading the rephrased advice of another expert that was published a few weeks before, or just going to the job forum platforms to find the inspirational source of such “ways to get a job!”

I am not trying to offend any person at all, we have our own opinions on matters and topics, we may share these with our friends, maybe our acquaintances, however when it comes being a public image, my understanding would push me (If I were that person) to question myself, to question the value of what I am sharing, did someone cover this topic before, or am I just rephrasing what most already know!

There is no harm to question ourselves, especially for persons of influence, they have no idea how they impact (I am convinced in good) on other people!

For what it may worth, I would share to the readers of this article that I have been posting papers and blogs since almost two years, I always tried to feel and be honest towards myself before clicking on the “publish” button, knowing after the click it is almost too late, it is too late! The first people whom I ask to read my papers are the members of my own family and my close friends, they are the ones who could tell me in my face if I ever lied, or invented a given truth. I don’t pretend to have the knowledge of big solutions for people’s problems, but I also know when I write a paper, my concern and thoughts go to the persons who will read, whether they will like or dislike, how much they will agree or not with me, which is the natural course of things. If some say that writing is a gift then I seek to use this gift by trying sincerely and honestly such thoughts in the best syntax I may know of (English not being my native language), or maybe bring the thoughts of many, to feel I could in a way inspire my audience and let them be sure that I am as human as they are, that I am close to each as they would like to feel I am. Besides, all what I write is from real life events, funny or less fun stories, they all reflect pages of my own life and close people, friends or acquaintances.

That paper would be one among others I published on another  platform, so you may imagine how mentally prepared I was (well let’s admit how anxious I was too) when I put the first one live, to have little traffic, little views, little likes and very little comments. Results were amazingly supportive, kind comments, appreciative replies. Some papers got 50 or 100 views, several “likes” I could not ask for more rewarding feedback.

Last Sunday I added an article about my own perception of project management, well honestly I was really scared at first sight: this paper was viewed by 1300 people and counting, it was mentioned on other platforms, I mean something I never had in my entire professional life! Wow! This taught me some lesson I will endlessly keep in mind. Of course the ego in me felt flattered, but soon I understood how much accountable such things make of me, my words, my thoughts, and for this I am grateful to every person who made time to view, read or like my sharing so far!

Michel – December 5, 2014

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