How blooming flowers and the gift of education are alike!

00 Flowers
Image Courtesy: Flowers by Merle

Consider each mind as a flower, which goes through its own cycles of growth, budding, bloom and decay. Somewhere along the path, the cerebral flower of the mind comes into full bloom, and through dialogue with others and cross-communication begins a wondrous process of cross-pollination with other mind-flowers. Before you know it, new flowers with new colors, patterns and shapes begin to emerge everywhere; idea-flowers which have never existed before, not even in our wildest imagination. This process exposes the genius of natural designs and laws which are far beyond our weak intellect’s comprehension. What is essential is that we come together in community and communicate, and do so as respectfully as possible. The change will emerge on its own, and will carry the unique imprints of each participant forward into the mysterious creation of that which is beyond imagination—a new world.

— Bryant McGill


I was not sure to find a topic for the last paper of this year. A friend sent me yesterday these few lines from Bryant McGill, I immediately liked this text that reflected the picture of my thoughts and visions about real and true education. Minds connecting to people, providing the means to freedom and a better wellbeing.

I am grateful to life that I got education, my parents got theirs too, their parents, the same we are supposed to offer to our own children and the kids of that future world we want to be better … The recipe is simple, the means are human first, and the output is to make freedom a real happening among people.

Of course all that we have studied and learned and collected is important and so useful to make these flowers bloom and grow. How disappointing it is to see young children forced to slavery work, or engaged against their will to fight and use weapons instead doing the dirty work of adult people, and how insulting it is to human kind to see adults aware about that, yet do nothing to prevent such abominations!

It is our duty not only to collect knowledge to provide a better model of education, promoting and giving knowledge to people would make a more meaningful value to all what we know!.

I am certain all of us who advocate education, will advocate a better wellbeing to the people we care for and about.

If I was granted to gift something to people, I would offer the gift of knowledge as it is the same gift that gives life and happiness to every human on this planet.

Happy Gift of Life, Happy New Year!

Michel – December 31, 2014

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