My Resolutions for 2015!

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Image courtesy: Wallpaper ZH

“You will never be happy if
you continue to search for
what happiness consists of.
You will never live if
you are looking for
the meaning of life.”
― Albert Camus

Well I will make no resolution I will not keep, nor would I promise myself things I will not enjoy, neither do I have a list to become better, perform better, learn better, etc. I simply have one resolution: that is to be myself!

I am thankful to life for having kept my determination to do something good about myself, to accept what happened during the past year as little signs that showed me how to handle adversity and discover other avenues in my professional endeavours.

I sincerely think, that, we as persons, have better things to do in our lives than search for great circumstantial words to speak up in private or publicly we have better things to say than those monologues of how great we are and how much we know or how much we hide that we don’t know!

So I will keep the pace of all what I did in 2014, advocate for education to become a more humanized certainty and true reality. I will behave in total honesty and dedication but also with humility and compassion, people will always be the reason why I am sharing these words today!

Michel – January 1st, 2015


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