Changing the face of the World, I guess we can!

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He, who is the master of education,
can change the face of the world.
— Gottfried Leibniz
(1646 – 1716)

To L…, as promised!

It has been quite a time I started blogging, my first blog was published in French around July 2013, and then I got enough courage and published, a few months later, a paper in English (My native language being French). The early steps, my baby steps in blogging, were really overwhelming for me. I did not know “how or what to write?” Of course I wished to share things of interest, yet adopting a more familiar tone, being technical, or get into the more “professional” writing type of papers. I read various books, from experts, got lost literally, from an expert to another the recommendations were often divergent not to say contradictory. In these cases getting lost and confused is what makes us not to jump in the pool and start swimming!

After a bit more than 300 papers and a few articles, I learned enough much about myself, learning from people who were kind enough to leave a comment, email me in private to share their opinions, I even go (thank you very much) some hints about syntax, typos and writing skills.

Many people contributed actively and silently to show me some paths and ways that helped me to filter and focus on subjects like education, social wellbeing, and knowledge culture. I realize today they helped finding my motivation to undertake a journey of learning. Learning to be a knowledge traveller, learning to express compassion, empathy and why hide it, my own emotions about people that we are.

I am not a big fan of data, stats and numbers, but must admit with a great sentiment of gratitude, that 30 000 visits (call these views, or hits on the various papers and reports) since July 2013, is something I had never imagined, anticipated or dreamed of.

Many of my friends and acquaintances often ask me about the reasons that keep me writing and blogging, to be honest, I never thought about the source of such motivation, all of what I know and feel, is I find in doing so, it is (I hope I am not wrong) my way to contribute to change the face of today’s world!

So if I have an answer to give to my friends and people who ask me, well honestly I am trying to change the face of the world! Well changing the face of the world is not a matter of accomplishing amazing things that everyone can read in newspapers or history books or museums. I am pretty convinced that changing the face of the world is meant for people like you and me, everyday people, every occasion people, the person who serves you the morning coffee with a smile, the person who holds the door for you, the messenger who delivers a parcel at your door, I mean every single person who has a connection with other people. These people are the real ones who constantly contribute to make that change happen.

To those who may think I am a dreamer, I would say yes! They are right! Dreaming has never harmed a single person, dreaming has never provoked a war or destruction! Dreaming has inspired the greatest humanists through the timeline of human history.

Changing the face of the world brings to my thinking education and knowledge. The picture that illustrates my paper, represents some of the well-known philosophers, thinkers, innovators, and visionaries who knew how important knowledge and education could be in the definition of people’s destiny. But they were also people from social and family environments like ours, they were no different. I cannot imagine that we travel in this life to just become a social security number or a Medicare user. By cons, what makes us different and stand out from the anonymity of our daily tasks, is the consciousness of our contribution to changing the face of the world.

We could learn from our history, we could learn what really matters to our present and future, alas we seem to teach it at school and then it is forgotten for other studies considered more important for our status of “good and productive citizens”. We tend never to learn from its lessons, I do not think of the great conqueror and rulers, but about the workers who built and achieved things that marked our memories until today. Just learning about how wheat came to us today, those who spent their lives seeding and crossing varieties of this seed until reaching an edible quality. The workers who built monuments and designed amazing masterpieces of architecture and urban planning that still inspires our experts in our days.

What needs to be taught in schools is about human kind history and less an obtuse side of its kind, great warriors and conquerors had their share in the changes of the face of humanity, but cannot be limited only to their deeds and actions. The story of our history is unfortunately concealed in limited locations, in captivity behind walls and bars, not to say how many treasures became part of private collections, still unknown to their true owners, I mean human kind.

It will never be enough said of the importance of education. Education is the real power to the freedom of people’s minds, the true path to collective knowledge and real emancipation. The more people will access to the wealth of education the less we will hear of wars or hunger or illiteracy. No matter what international organization may say, there are still people who cannot read or write, even in the rich and modern countries.

I remember watching one of Doctor Who episodes as a phrase hit me when The Doctor finding himself in a library filled with books: You want weapons? We’re in a library! Books! The best weapons in the world! I guess it says all what needs to be said. Education and Knowledge.

Two days ago I read a report in the Montreal “La Presse” French gazette, about the failure of the pedagogical reform in Quebec! What a loss! A sad story, described as a simple piece of news that would grab little interests. Today’s vision tends to prioritize things that are not a priority for people’s wellbeing.

I think it is about time to let teachers do what they are meant to do: educate, just educate, it is about time to take them away from the overload of administrative and bureaucratic tasks other instances are supposed to do.

It is also about time that parents understand they are accountable about the educational behaviour of their children, keeping in mind school will never replace their part of the equation for a successful generation of the future.

We spend so much time looking for means to save time, such endless race to penny savings when our essential is left on the bench. When asked why, our most usual answer is I have no time!

So why am I blogging? Simply trying to do what you do, changing the face of the world the way I know the best. I try to speak for those who do not speak, I try to say enough loud for those who feel the same in silence.

My freedom of writing I pledge it to those who have not yet known what the human adventure is about, an adventure that will definitely look nicer than the one we live in today!

Until our next chat!

Michel – February 7, 2015


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