Persons of Exception!

00 People of exception

“Have the courage to move beyond mere discussion and act. Encourage and help others use their strengths. Live in a way that challenges others to reach outside their immediate circle of influence and unlock the unlimited possibilities for positive change. Better yet, be a visionary! Take the first step even when others are content standing still in mediocrity.”
Elizabeth Stecher (Inspiring Children)

I was looking for the words to describe what a “Person of exception” meant to me, I knew it would be challenging, usually when we think of persons of exception we think of those who changed the world, people who are or were notorious, popular loved or at times not loved too!

There is a lazy way I use to look for some inspiring quotes: the search tools, but this time I knew it would not work, so I felt kind of stuck. Besides I did not want to start my paper before finding the trigger that would inspire the pleasing moment of writing at once my paper!

I wished and hoped I would find someone’s words that express simplicity and a true definition for a person of exception. It happened, at a moment I was thinking to file my one sentence paper and put it aside until later, very later!
We “e-met”, shared a couple of emails, I got interested to know more about the person, her work, what she believed in, then I found what I had been seeking most of my Sunday!

Persons of exception are hard to find on the public places, simply because they do not use soap boxes to promote their fame and skills, they do not post their achievements on their foreheads, or post charts of their actions; persons of exception are hard to find simply because they do cannot be found on web sites for famous people. You could type their names on search engines, there are little chances you find any sign of them before page 33559!

And yet we find these people in our daily lives, at every turn of a street, in every office, in every school class. They are the ones who make the entire difference.

If I had the privilege to find my mentors across my various steps in life, persons of exception were always there, closer than I could imagine. Life, sometimes, can be unusual, as we note these special persons after they are gone, we note their contribution and all the richness they gave and left to the people they cared for.

Have you met a person of exception? I am sure you did! Take the time to look around you, feel their presence and make sure you learn from them, they are rare and so valuable to our wellbeing. Once you find one, let her know how important she is for you. Don’t be surprised if they will rarely accept such recognition, yet it is vital for them to know they are appreciated and valuable for the world they live in.

There are no written instructions to find persons of exception, our opened minds and hearts will suffice. Let us look at all these people with a caring eye and opened mind to better appreciate the amazing work they achieve every single day of our existence.

Since the day I understood what a person of exception could bring to us, I better appreciated my teachers, my parents, my coworkers, the person who handed me my morning espresso, or the cashier at the store, the stranger whom I asked for direction when I got lost in the street, the bus driver, and so many more people of extreme importance who contribute to male our world g a bit better than what we tend to believe.

I would like to share this quote as it reflects what I dearly wish you the most:

When someone can make you see this broken world as beautiful, they are worth keeping around – (Unknown author)

Until our next chat,

Michel – March 31, 2015
Image courtesy of Dynamic Business

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