Are We Digitally Correct?

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No Matter how well you know the rules of netiquette,
you will eventually offend someone who doesn’t
– Don Rittner[i]

If being digital is considered being cool, it must not prevent us to be tactful or Digitally Correct.

If we consider ourselves the e-citizens of today’s digital world, we need to keep in mind its requirements and responsibilities.

I am referring to observations and events I was part of since my digital journey started 20 years ago. A journey that fascinates me more than I imagined.

From the baby steps of the first social networks we used a nickname that brought us fame and acknowledgement to the real “thing”, real picture, real name that identifies us as in real life, digital world is a human representation of whom we are.

We share business cards, greet each other, get introduced, eventually discuss business, the same is expected when engaging in digital business through our emails, and virtual home pages. Our professional expectations are very alike, if not greater than real world. The speed of connecting, the instant sharing of information motivates our professional engagements more than ever.

How it is annoying, for me, after receiving and accepting a connection request to note the silence of the new “connection”, not a thank you or a simple touch-base. I wonder then why do these people want to connect to me if they aren’t interested with the bare minimum of politeness, that netiquette thing?

I find it very unpleasant when I cross some people on Twitter© who have thousands of followers, yet follow a few dozens, as if people do not interest them! I fully agree that worldwide known personalities will never have the time to answer all their followers, that being understandable.

It is a known fact that most businesses and social communities are engaging into the digital reality, it is also a known to happen fact that digital reality requires from its actors the appropriate behaviour and adequate rules of conduct: the Digitally correctness.

Awareness of such reality seems urgent to implement and require from its users to adopt the same level of responsibility as in real life, else we may keep our e-world at the same level where it was two decades ago.

I sincerely hope we have gone beyond the level of thinking that real ad digital realities aren’t intimately connected as both require a code of conduct.

Millions of people are striving to have their footprint in e-world, I do not imagine they are just engaging in what many in the past thought it was just a virtual unreal thing.

If we aspire to the e-culture, it is about time we act accordingly.

Elementary my dear Watson!

Until the next chat

Michel – May 14, 2015

[i] Don Rittner : An American historian, archeologist, environmental activist, educator, and author living in the Capital District, Schenectady County, New York

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