Can Technologies Solve the Crisis of Education?

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“It is important to remember that educational software,
like textbooks, is only one tool in the learning process.
Neither can be a substitute for well-trained teachers,
leadership, and parental involvement.”
– Keith Krueger


I love this question because, at least for me, there are no clean cut answers. Adopting technologies is the natural course of things that walks with us, humans, in our own historical timeline. From the first educational model to the 21st century, technologies have always provoked passionate discussions the pro-technologies and the anti-technologies, surprisingly these opinions may have been flawed in a way; from the certainty saying technologies will solve the education crisis to the argument that technologies will never replace the human impact (educators) let’s admit, all may be right as all may be wrong.

Believing in such statement, seems to me, a simplistic attitude, comparing and measuring people’s faculty to deduct and reason to the automated functionalities of tools programmed by humans!

When people will feel less unsecure about technologies and when they will see these as the providing means to bring people to a higher level of comprehension and learning, then we can look at technologies as means to solve the crisis of education. People fall under the charm of the wow for each piece of tool when it allows them to “do” things they always dreamed of, still these tools need to express human brain intelligence never their own.

The crisis of education is a people’s matter. People who definitely have to speak to people if they want to bring the level of education to respond to students’ true needs. The principles of education have slowly drifted into a sort of stagnation since the first model, and has little walked the pace of the continuous evolution of people’s direct needs. It is not adding technologies that may bring the change, it is more the manner we look at both as what we ought to do!

Yes technologies may solve the crisis of education if both the top and the base of people meet and start learning from each other, and No technologies will never solve any crisis, they will simply postpone the inevitable disconnection between the model and the learners! Education is a matter of people, as long as this component is missing the more learners will drop out! Bringing learners into the solution of educational issues has never been so urgent as before. Young students are the best contributors to reduce the existing gap between the present model and the technical trends, they are naturally inclined to share their knowledge. The actual paradigm is stalling (if not already totally stalled), injecting adrenaline – new technological tools – without a healthy regimen, cannot suffice anymore.

Let us stop extending the non-solving attitude, let us stop considering education as a privilege for an elite, let us stop considering education as a cost in national budgets, it is time to consider education as an obligation for each government to prioritize.

Can technologies solve the crisis of education? I think they can once people start considering people and not people being demographic statistics within the system of education.

If we all agree that education is in need of an important review, and probably a major update in its various mechanisms, it is useless to think this can only happen through technologies; I am inclined to think people who lead education need to change the prevailing business model and remind themselves that their real employer are the students!

Until our next chat,

Michel – June 4, 2015

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