Where does “Education “stand from “Profit Inc.”?


If all the rich and all of the church people should send their children to the public schools they would feel bound to concentrate their money on improving these schools until they met the highest ideals.
Susan B. Anthony

The add offered a variety of “products” to the high school graduates, then addressing to the “parents” aka the payers, it promoted an “affordable” tuition plan for their “loved” ones aka their “clients”.

No it is neither a joke nor a hoax; it was intending “serious business”. If the text ended there, one would not give it too much thought or concern, but it continued describing the benefits of registering to this university where social, humanistic and citizenship values would accompany students throughout their program, etc. etc. etc.

During my recent visit to Lebanon I met with teachers, students (clients) and parents (payers). To say the truth I knew that collecting education in the country has been one of the most important if not the first source of expenses, I tried to understand what have universities and higher education centers planned to help students to afford such requirements.

I admit I had an idea, but preferred to ask, hoping things did change since the time I used to live in the country.
I found out that things did not get better, worse would be a polite expression, I also discovered how most parents were living a very stressful state of mind as they had to struggle to afford these fortunes that were needed to ensure a good education for their loved ones. I met with people who worked double shifts or two jobs both husband and wife, just to meet both ends and of course pay these “affordable tuition plans”.

Some would say it is the price for ensuring the best for one’s children, and that is true, it is true when at the end of the loop these grads can hope finding a job, completing this entire (expensive) process. The truth, very rare openings can be expected in these days.

So let us recap this simple equation:
– Parents (Payers) work hard and occasionally sell a piece of land or mortgage their house to pay:
– Universities (Businesses) who always have a good explanation for the high cost, who:
– Graduate students (New job seekers)
The morality of this story is that there in none, most graduates leave the country to places where they will and would find a good starter in their professional and personal life!
But wait a minute, what is this country gaining from exporting the best of their future generations abroad? Where are those humanistic principles about “Educare” (The quest for knowledge), where are these plans for the building of a country?

I know there are many reasons why does education cost that much and such reasons would have a true and logical explanation, but aren’t we missing a key factor here? “Public Education” Aha!
Yes, public education seems to have inherited this say that the more expensive education is the better it is! Knowing that some of the top-notch teachers provide their services in both!

My brain tried to solve this flagrant contradiction, trying to share my thoughts with others, getting the inevitable phrase: “That’s the way it is, here!”

Strange times, strange logics, strange educational model! At the end of this unbelievable story, foreign countries should be grateful to admit all set and ready for the work force graduates.
The irony of accepting the: “That’s the way it is, here!”

Until our next chat

Michel J.B. – © 2016

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