Never underestimate the power of books !


To a special friend…


“Let us pick up our books and our pens,” I said. “They are our most powerful weapons. One child, one teacher, one book and one pen can change the world.”
Malala Yousafzai


Of all the papers that speak about books, there are seldom those addressed to authors or writers. Generally speaking, a paper will advertise the latest publication or the first book of a new author.  

Anyone would tell that the bond between the author and the readers is obvious, hence such obviousness may also trigger the prevalence of certain gaps that need to be reminded to writers.

Once my first book was published, I was excited expecting my readers’ comments , hoping they would share more than encouraging words. In fact,  there’s been a common expression that came in the various feedback notes. It was about emotions. Yes, emotions that readers felt and discovered through my chronicles.

I was impressed and sincerely humbled as I never imagined that simple chronicles could spark such personal and intimate state of the heart.

As if people reminded me of what mattered the most through pages and chapters. “You allowed me to feel emotions I thought I had forgotten”. I assume that says it all about a book.

Whether we deliver a novel,  chronicles, essays or short stories,  we deliver a part of our intimacy to the eyes of the reader; at that point, we better be real and true. The bond between a writer and his audience is one of trust and honesty.

I learned a lot from these newly found friends (my readers), they showed me how high they put the bar of expectations for this book and eventually the next ones to come.

I rushed to my book shelves, did sort through these,  filing  those who procured me emotions during their reading. I tagged them as “my emotions books”; those I would read again with the same pleasure as in the first time.

If it is tempting to use a seductive style, or draw audience’s interest to appreciate how good writers we are; however if we cannot deliver our emotions, there are chances people will start fast reading through pages or simply abandon the volume as I did to the books that never procured me any emotion.

Delivering a book is a responsibility, a great one, our readers’ trust based on a very simple and human attitude: emotions !

Michel ©  


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