The Orphan Causes

So that no one is left abandoned or forsaken.

How not to be deeply moved when I see an elderly person struggling to find his way in this world that has so much trouble to keep people safe and well treated.

How not to feel the tears of rage and deep tenderness, when these people speak up about the giant works they have accomplished. They almost never gave up, each day being such a challenging fight they had to win to ensure the peace and well-being of their loved ones.

Today we define rare diseases as “orphan diseases”. In other words people with diseases considered rare but for which medical and scientific research does not devote any budget considering the limited number of patients, thus the limited expected profits from creating a new treatment.

Just like those cases left on the back benches of our humanity along with other “collateral causes” there are also – not really a top secret thing – the causes that I like to call “Orphan Causes”

Let’s talk a bit about the cause of seniors, those people who have worked for so many years, looking after their family, their children, their home, their daily meal preparation.  Have we ever wondered how dull was it for a mom to get these thousand of meals, sometimes feeling hurt by their loved ones comments, “too hot, too salty, too dull “ Yes of course we smile many years later when we remember when we used to avoid a certain meal, but how about all that time mom did spend preparing it ?

Family members take for granted a well-ordered, clean house, a tasty meal that simmers in a saucepan when one comes home from work or school

It is assumed that all this is given to us in the most natural manner. But aren’t we forgetting behind these stories there are people. What about the time when senior dad or mom gets tired , age or is no longer fully efficient “like before”.?

When these forgotten people become an orphan cause that we ought to live with, then I assume we have a serious problem.

Let us not let them become some kind of “embarrassing or too much greedy for attention”. As parents and friends get involved, we begin to “suggest” a center for the elderly. I have nothing against this fact, but if life is a cycle that continues is it not more humane to discuss and know how to deal with it especially with them, I mean our seniors? Don’t they have a say on the matter of their own life. I guess that’s the whole point of the problem.

Each person is a unique story, a unique life, each child lives or will have lived unusual events, the idea is not at all getting rid of someone, rather to provide some human dignity at the end of life, don’t we agree right?

Often I observe people, their gestures, their physique.

Have you ever noticed if they could speak up how many stories these elders hands could tell us? These hands all wrinkled but how beautiful by its elegance and finesse beyond the years of hard work, such shriveled hands, deserve a better fate than being parked into some kind of place. I was looking at a couple of seniors today at the medical clinic, the  man was wearing the same ring on his right hand, after noticing  he looks at me his face quietly showing a smile of whom knows the meaning. We did connect through a ring of the same kind. Both seniors we understood each other.
This man made me think of what could have been his life, hands that survived winds and swamps, basically it’s all that remains: Dignity and self-respect so hardly earned !


What to say about these parents that “we forget in their home” we go to see them when we have time, or when the game of football or hockey does not fall during this day or this evening, so easy to postpone a visit to mom and dad, or our grandparents.

In the jungle of smart devices culture (Smartphones, tablets, components, maybe soon smart companions, smart kids and smart planet), we use such devices for almost everything except communicating with each other. What about after reading this paper giving a call to grandad or grandma, eventuelly mom or dad ?

So what do we do ? Will we let these orphan causes interfere with our social model? I pray life that you would answer yourselves something other than a simple polite silence by way of a response ! If that helps I could dial your folks phone number for you!

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Earth Day!


If we are ever to halt climate change and conserve land,
water and other resources, not to mention reduce animal suffering,
we must celebrate Earth Day every day – at every meal.
Ingrid Newkirk


It is strange that such an event goes unnoticed, so poorly promoted. Yet I think it should be amongst the most important occasions not to celebrate but to meditate about our “Home”, planet Earth. Our home’s address that consists of a single word: Earth.

It is also strange that we are preoccupied about claiming resources on other planets where our own is left forsaken by the same who anticipate how to colonize other worlds. Such a thin excuse to cover what in our own house we are unable to keep things right.

Shall we keep on using our critical resources and leave our own waste and trash moving on to cleaner places and redo the same?

I find it very ironic when many official sources and NGOs promote recycling and the fact of being “green”, they drown us  discoursing about sustainability. Speaking of recycling without proper civic education is in itself a waste of time and energy.

The real sustainability is out of our hands if we do not consider ourselves as part of this sustainable balance. Alas we grant to profit the biggest part and allocate so little to the base foundation of people wellbeing and profit prosperity that is our planet.

Interchanging between people and profit has proven so far that prosperity has not benefit masses, as many populations still suffer from hunger and lack of decent life.

How odd it is that research dedicates many efforts to extend people’s health and life where millions do not have clean fresh water and proper food, not to say they are left starving and lack knowledge that will grant them their autonomy and freedom. Do these technologies care for making some people work longer to grow the profit of the few?

Earth Day is such an important day!
Wishing you to male it yours not just on April 22, but every day we still live on this amazing place we call Earth!

Until our next chat,

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The Forgotten Language.


Blog April 201

 Strange that we all defend our wrongs
with more vigour than we do our rights.
 Gibran K. Gibran
(Sand and Foam)

 According to the site “Ethnologue” site (, considered as a trusted source on linguistics and world languages, there are approximately 7100 used (spoken, written,…) languages today amongst the 7 billion people living today.

 There are many regions in this world where populations strive very hard to protect their own language as it refers to their history and legacy. 

 Among all these spoken languages there is one, just one that seems to be missing, or should I say forgotten. Yes that language existed some time ago, the human language.

If each nation is proud to protect and speak her own language, what about human kind who seems to have really forgotten what it is to speak the most exclusive one? The one that does not need years of learning, school attending, grades and tests, its learning starts from the first day we come to life.  Yet the one that is disremembered so easily.

 Whatever country we live in, we are solicited from every source of information. Whether it is daily messages, formal communications, political discourse or social and personal exchanges, the human language seems to be left out. Left out to the benefit of other expressions that progressively dehumanize the essence of our own behaviour.

 The frequent use of comparatives, affirmations and how often negative expressions tend to be the only menu that is served every time we are receiving any sort of information. This tends to be a precarious exposure to a new standard of personal acculturation.

 The use of verbal innuendo became the panacea to seduce people, double meaning is, alas, king. Messages often transmit the form and seldom the substance.

 It is not a matter of syntax or grammar, it is rather how the true meaning of things are transmitted to people. The true nature of things.

 News networks are fondly using sensational expressions, words that will glue us to the screen, from a simple event made a drama, and for a global concern a simple piece of news.

 The scale of values has swung from an extreme to another.  Networks in general seek to wow people so they come back and listen to their daily flow of “things” they present as truth, even if unverified and poorly validated. They have “processed” their audiences to trust their certainties as solid facts. Whom else should they believe when they parse every piece of news with their regular panel of experts who seem to have found all of the answers to complexity and problem solving?

 And if the information appears to be missing accuracy, another event covers the previous and the 24/7 ingestion of what people need to listen and believe goes on.

 I wonder how many people can explain clearly what they understood from a live TV coverage. Sometimes I just keep record of how many times the reporter repeated the same expression under various fashions. It is very disappointing that most important events are so poorly covered. I had a friend who used to say on such situations: “It lacks substance!” Before turning off the TV.

 And yes, substance is all what it is about. Substance mixed with true human attitude.

 Compassion, empathy, are human related expressions. Care, concern, may be considered as  human attitudes. Truth sincerity and clarity,  describe professional and public attitudes.  Aren’t these the fundamentals of human universal language?

 How many times in a day we would use the positive words even to express a negative answer? Don’t we really miss that kind of culture? Let us prevent the actual to become the norm our young ones will learn as the adults of future, our world is really in need for a humanized change.

 Until our next chat,

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